Grow Potatoes in a Barrel

Grow your own healthy potatoes in a simple barrel!
I love an idea of making a little garden in a small space. Unfortunately, not everyone has a huge backyard but almost everybody want to eat healthy eco food. If you are one of these people, I’ve got a perfect solution. Timothy Hurst from A Green Upgrader website shows how you can Grow Potatoes in a Barrel. Rules are simple, you’ll need a barrel, few garden tools and a bit of patience. I can ensure all of you that there’s nothing better than a meal made with self grown veggies.

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Check out the tutorial on Green Upgrader.

What you need:


  • Garden tools

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Container
  • Seed potatoes
  • Loose planting mix and compost
  • Soil


Do you love potatoes just as much as we do? Why don’t you try growing potatoes vertically and save some space!

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