Grow, Cure And Store Your Own Garlic

Have a look at these precious tips and grow your own garlic!
During my last holiday trip to Italy I found out that garlic is a basic ingredient of southern Italian cuisine. Along with small extremely hot peppers they use it as a basis for almost every dish. Earlier I had thought garlic with its ‘heating power’ was popular only in colder climate, yet I was mistaken.

With its beneficial properties garlic is also my family’s favourite flavour sharpener. To tell you the truth we eat it even for breakfasts in vegetable shakes. If only we had a piece of ground I’d surely start my own plantation. In the meantime I read some hints how to Grow, Cure And Store Your Own Garlic on Old World Garden Farms. The information about planting process, soil and harvest may occur crucial when you want to grow a perfect and delicious garlic.

Read the tips and start you garlic adventure, also make sure to check one of our previous garlic related posts in which we share how to Peel It In 10 Seconds.

If you have any interesting recipes containing my garlic share them with me.

Check out the tutorial on Old World Garden Farms.


What are your fave herbs to flavor meals?

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