Green Head Planter

Upcycle plastic bottle in a funny way by planting some green seeds in it.
It is amazing, how many creative stuff for kids we are able to make out of one plastic bottle. Little helicopters for boys, power jets or experiments with baking soda. Adults will not be omitted here. Starting from vases ending with real, human size boats. There are so many possibilities that actually, the problem with recycling them shouldn’t exist at all.

Today we have found something funny, clever and educational for kids, that uses a plastic bottle again. Nunca Mas Aburrido, Spanish blog presents, Green Head Planter. Kids will learn not only about recycling, but also about how do plants grow. It is going to be such a fun to see those green “hair” grow. This project doesn’t require any special manual skills. We recommend it for all parents who lack time and ideas while eager to make some crafts with children. Are you there, ready for eco hairy adventure? If you plant wheat, you’ll get a thick hair, which can be styled with scissors. Have fun, and show us the pictures afterwards here.

A Spanish source with full instructions for this Green Head Planter.

Green Head Planter

What you need:


  • Cutting knife or scissors
  • Glue gun

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Solid, plastic bottle
  • Soil
  • Bird or chia seeds
  • Plastic eyes or any other (easy to get at stationers)

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