Gradient Nails

Dedicate some time to your hands and make this amazing manicure.
I must admit I don’t have much time to care for my nails. They are not dirty or crooked, but they’re also not glamorous. I feel a bit ashamed, I know that hands draw a lot of attention and it would be great to show off with super accurately colored nails.

I am pleased that I found this tutorial for two reasons I’ve got a big fondness for all gradient things. Nails colored this way have a very feminine and elegant look. The owner of “Nailsaurus” website shows in very easy way what you should do to get this ombre manicure effect. It’s a piece of cake, really, I’ve already tried this. I think that girly Joyful Braided Bracelet or natural Leather Wrap Bracelet would be great additions to well-cared hands and nails.

I am very curious if you know any other techniques of painting nails? Let us know about your ideas below.

To see the full tutorial of these glam Gradient Nails follow the link.

What you need:


  • Sponge
  • Plastic sheet
  • Toothpicks

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Two colour polishes
  • Top coat

Do you have any amazing manicure techniques you would like to show us?

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