Glowing Jar

I love sunshine but also like when it is dark inside even during beautiful weather. I tend to cover my windows with thick curtains so that no sun ray could come in (mostly because all dust is invisible then), but also to create this special mood for staying at home and want to work. I think that is why my work is much more efficient late evenings. The way light spreads all over the room is of a great importance not only for me but also for our son Dorian. He could sleep whole year with X-Mas lights on but unfortunately all sets we had, burned down because of this all night “guarding”.

On From Panka With Love website I found the idea on how to make a jar that glows in the dark and we fell in love with it. I know it won’t stay all night but at least until your kid falls asleep. It looks awesome, it makes me wanna do this project right away and then take pictures of it. What is more it is so simple that even your toddler could do this alone.

I am just wondering if this special paint is available easily in my country or in any stationery nearby, but Simon is the master of searching stuff in the internet and he will help me for sure! (wish he could be that skilled in finding things at home)!

Anyways, I am pretty sure you’ll love this Glowing Jar as much as we do and want to show it on your dark and gloomy pictures of the night... Have a great fun and post some pics below!

Check the tutorial on From Panka With Love.

What you need:


  • Paintbrush

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Mason jar
  • Glowing paint
  • Water


Glowing Jar

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