Glow Stick Fairy Jars [Video Tutorial]


[supply]Glow sticks[/supply]
[supply]Safety glasses[/supply]
[supply]Paper or foil[/supply]

Third thing is that there are two kinds of sticks: thin and thick ones with a bigger amount of fluid inside and the light coming out of them is so bright! To gain the galaxy or fairy effect we used thin glow sticks!








And in the end, the most important tip: Those cute, little, glowing dots that look like stars or fireflies, do not come out just like this. It is the crushed glass pipe, which you shake out of a stick as I did on the video. If you don’t crush it hard and then shake it out into the jar fast, the only thing that will come out, is the fluid that runs down the jar and forms something like ugly snots… unless you would want it ;)

Don’t forget to cut the stick on both ends – as it helps all the contents to come out.!

You are probably thinking about this beautiful jar with 3D effect we show you at the end of this video…
There is a smart solution for this. After you have shaken out one colour into the jar: use a simple fruit net (one that fruits are often wrapped with). Put it inside your glowing jar, empty the THICK stick of a different color into the bowl and “paint” the net with little drops. They beautifully stick to it forming a galaxy inside the jar!

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