Glass Gem Sun Catcher

Make this lovely transparent decor to brighten up your space!
Each year I feel sad when summer draws to an end. I like warm, early Autumn, but I know that it’s gonna get much cooler soon and all I’ll want will be to snuggle up under a blanket. The only thing that consoles me is that there are a lot of great autumn crafts to make like Orange Rind Votives.

But for now it’s important to catch the last summer sunbeams. To make it easier, I’m bringing you great tutorial from Kids Activities Blog. Your kids will love the glue squeezing part as you’re gonna have to soak all glass gems in it. The only hard part is waiting for the whole thing to dry out.

Hang your self-made sun catchers on a window and drop us a line below if you liked making them.

Check the tutorial on Kids Activities Blog.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Glass gems
  • Plastic yogurt container lid
  • Clear Elmer’s glue String or thread
  • Suction cup window hooks


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