Geeky Crochet Hooks

Design your hooks!
You know how much of a crochet person Manuela is. She went really crazy when she saw Colourful Crochet Locomotive that is definitely her style. Crocheting is awesome, but the thing which will make my wife even more indulged in her hobby are design hooks.

So, as soon as Instructables came with Geeky Crochet Hooks by Doodle Craft I thought Manu would like to have them. The one I like the most is Star wars Lightsaber which surely adds to crochet force. These hooks are nifty and stylish. The handle is made of polymer clay which gives more delicate touch than ordinary metal hooks.

What’s your opinion about these hooks? Would you like to design your own? Share your ideas on our fan page.

If you want to see the tutorial of Geeky Crochet Hooks have a look here

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Polymer Clay
  • Hooks
Geeky-Crochet-Hooks-01 Geeky-Crochet-Hooks-02

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