A Man Puts Four Beams on the Ground. And Builds Something Amazing for His 2-Year-Old Son!

When you think of your own house, the first thing that springs to your mind is the garden. Of course the house does matter, but isn’t it all about the things outside?
Just think about everything you can do there – barbecues, growing plants, building ponds. There are so many options you can barely choose the best one!

And this is where the story begins. When I first saw this place, I immediately knew I wanted to have it, too. And it’s not just about the thing, it’s about the family that built it. Is there anything sweeter than a loving dad who builds things for his blue-eyed boy?

The father simply knew that he had to build something wonderful for his son. He gave himself a moment to think, then collected all the materials and got down to work!

He cut the wooden beams and then assembled all the elements. Everything was being photographed and this little boy was there all the time to help his dad

He knew it from the very beginning where the perfect spot was. The old sandpit was soon to be removed as the neighbor’s cat would misuse it regularly

He dag 15-inch deep holes, put the wooden legs in there and then made the floor

Then the walls

Finally he made the roof support beams. Can you see that? No wonder the boy is so excited!

Now the sides are covered with boards

Steel sheet to cover the roof

Doesn’t it look great?

Of course safety is a priority

Red litter soil, paint and the fortress is ready!

Of course the boy had to test everything. With his dad right next to him

Then came the mother and added a few details

The final product is stunning! Both dad and son seem to be satisfied!


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