Galaxy Slime

Are you into sensory activities? Have a go at Galaxy Slime!
Kids just wanna have fun and I consequently try to provide them with it. As a main fun animator for my kids I like looking for activities which can open the door to free playful joy. I’m much into sensory exploration starting with Homemade Play Dough and Soap Clouds. They are sure to be no fail but sometimes can end in a mess.

This time I’ve found another enterprise I’d like to share with my kids. Galaxy Slime which was posted by Stephanie on TwoDaloo lets the kids explore the material and delve into the world of slime. The play is for everybody no matter kids’ age. So feel encourage to dip your fingers into this starry studge.

I’m very enthusiastic to try this activity out. When you decide to do the same, share your experiences below

Click the link to see a tutorial on Galaxy Slime

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • bottle of Elmer’s Clear School Glue
  • Sta-Flo Liquid Starch
  • Liquid watercolors
  • glitter in a variety of colors


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