Functional Ikea Cabinet Bed

Few, simple cabinets may turn into a smart storage and bed in one.

If you ever wondered how cool it must be to sleep on a platform bed, this man will show you how to make your own with simple Ikea kitchen cabinets, some wood and other small supplies. Everything doesn’t cost as much as designer furniture does, and you can build it yourself in about 6 hours.

This piece of furniture is perfect for all of you who lack space in their apartments as there is a huge storage area underneath the mattress. This guy was smart enough to set some lightning inside as well, so that it would be easier to find your stuff.

Although in general, it looks as if it was quite a heavy duty bed, you may think if there is any danger to your life… As you can see, this clever guy is of a bigger size and admits the bed can easily take 3 adults.

Not only it is a extremely functional piece of furniture but also easily customizable. Ikea cabinets are white so you can decorate them with your personal designs.

If you prefer to take over your wall rather than the floor, check out this awesome Murphy Wall Bed.

Selber Machen shows how to make this simple Platform Bed for those who prefer raw wood projects.

Those who prefer traditional design but are interested in high storage availability, there is a Anna White leads you step by step to build your own Bed with Storage Drawers.

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