Friendship Bracelet

Make colorful Friendship Bands for your childhood friends.
I’m pretty sure that you must have made friendship bands in your school days so here’s to the sweet memories of our childhood! I remember spending hours making a perfectly braided friendship band for my best friend and one for myself. Whenever we would fight, we’d take it off and then wear it again on our reunion! Those were sweet days! However, if you've grown out of childhood, it doesn't mean you can’t enjoy them now!

Grab some colorful embroidery thread from your granny’s priceless collection and start a fun crafty journey. Pick your own color combination or match it up with your next day’s outfit, embellish with beads or diamantes, it’s all up to you. If you think this one’s a bit complicated then you can try other variations such as the Easy Wrap Bracelet or the cute little Fishtail Bracelet.

You can also make them for the giveaways on the upcoming birthday or Christmas, they’ll never go un-noticed. If you ask me, I’d still love to gift one to my childhood friend and cherish those days! Wouldn't you? We look forward to your feedback and ideas, so keep us posted!

To see the detailed tutorial of the Friendship Bracelet, click here.

What you need:


  • Safety pin or tape
  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Embroidery Thread

Friendship Bracelet Collage

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