Framed Paper Rolls Flower Decoration

Decorate your house with this paper wall art
This time I’m about to show you a piece of art, and you’ll be surprised how easily you can decorate your house with it. I found it on Lavender Girl’s blog. This project’s base is toilet paper roll. Have you ever thought that this cheap material can become a beautiful thing? It surely can and this composition is really charming. You will need a lot of toilet paper rolls (you can also buy them on e-bay), black acrylic paint, picture frame, and hobby glue or super glue. Of course, you can choose any other color and shape. If you decide that the frame is not necessary, you can make another flower composition as previously presented on Handimania The Toilet Paper Roll Flowers.

When I first saw this project, I thought that, unfortunately, it’s not for me. I do not have the talent and patience for assembling, cutting and sticking the pieces. But I was completely wrong! Though I still lack the talent ;) I found this project so easy to complete that I don’t need any special skills to it.

Imagine the reaction of guests who’ll find out that this composition was created from rolls of toilet paper. This is already sufficient reason to do it!

What you need:


  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • A lot of toilet paper rolls
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Picture frames
  • Hobby glue or super glue

Cut flattened rolls into four equal strips.



Take few pieces of one roll – these will be the twigs. Cut them off and drag a couple of times between the fingers.


Stick the petals together, forming flowers.



Start the composition in one corner of the frame with a form of three-petal flower (stick it to the frame with glue).



You can create any compilation of petals, leaves and twigs. Don’t forget to glue all parts together.


Paint the whole composition with any color of your choice. Make sure to cover with paint both sides of the strips.

Framed Paper Rolls Flower Decoration

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