Food Storage Shelf

Build this awesome, wooden shellf to keep your favourite vegetables fresh longer
Ana White totally rocks with her ideas and plans! Do you remember her cute and easy to make Kitchen Cabinet Door Organizer? Is there any of you who used Anna's perfect plans to build anything? Let us know if so, and in the meantime, check out this awesome Food Storage Shelf.

As we are vegetarians, we really appreciate this kind of DIY projects. Especially this time of year, when we need to store our food properly to keep it fresh longer, this wooden shelf will be excellent. I am thinking about keeping it outside on our balcony and covering it with some thermal foil to prevent vegetables from freezing, but that would be my personal experiment.

I believe you should add this amazing shelf to your "to do" list. As soon as you finish building it, feel free to share your experience with other handimaniacs by adding a comment or a tip below the post!

Check out the tutorial on Ana White website.

What you need:


  • Power drill
  • Saw

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Screws
  • Wood


0 thoughts on “Food Storage Shelf

  1. Jenn Daves says:

    What a nice shelf! I have a lot of food storage space for dry goods, but I haven’t even tried to add fruits and potatoes to the mix. A shelf like this would be nice for keeping them separate from everything else.

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