Foam Paint

Use shaving foam to play with your kids!
It’s the middle of summer holidays but the weather is a bit capricious this year. The day usually starts with strong rays of sun and boiling hot temperature but then more or less about midday the air tends to get very heavy and strong storms with heavy rain come and that’s the time when all the planned outdoor activities such as Sidewalk Chalk painting with my kids must be bring out indoors.

Obviously I’m prepared for such emergency situations. A bunch of DIY projects is on tap. However, I never give up looking for some more. My latest founding is Foam Paint shown by Jamey on Dabbles & Babbles. This 3 ingredient substance is perfect to create a unique fun concoction. Yesterday I served the activity to my kids and we ended up with a living room full of Picasso-like gallery.

Try this activity out with your little ones and let us know how they liked it!

Check out the tutorial on Dabbles & Babbles

What you need:


  • Cardboard envelopes

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Shaving cream
  • Glue
  • Food coloring


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