Flop Hanger

If you like keeping your flops in order create this unusual hanger with this cool tutorial
My wife is not a fashion victim who collects shoes like it was something she couldn’t live without but somehow for years she has gathered quite a lot and can’t get rid of them. I’ve never understood this special connection women have with their clothes nad accessories... but I can understand why they like them to be in order. Flip flops and ballerinas are cute and usually cheap that is why she has a lot of them and always struggles with keeping them in order.

Well, now the problem is out since I have found this Hanging Flop tutorial. I would even say more, I will do a few for my Mania! On the website they say you can buy those hangers but I would rather ask someone to collect them for me from dry-cleaners where they give them for free together with cleaned clothes. This way not only I am creative but also eco friendly dude ;)

Hope you'll like this project and spend some time doing it for yourself (if you are a girl) or for your beloved one. Do not feel anger, create a flop hanger! As always I’d like to see your work in user gallery below the post.

Check the tutorial on EPBOT.

What you need:


  • Needle-nosed pliers

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Metal hangers
  • Ribbon
  • Super glue


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