Fishtail Bracelet

Make an easy and cheerfull jewellery for summer.
You may think I am kind of bracelet freak as I've been writing about them a lot lately. Probably you are right, but as I use to say: It is better to be a bracelet freak than just a regular freak. Anyway, summer is the perfect time to make'em and wear'em. It is no fun to buy one and then see the same on every second wrist in town. If you consider yourself a creative person, you wouldn't dare wearing serial jewellery. You'll going to be brave, take a piece of wire or crochet hook and create the one and only, stylish wrist ornament.

After showing you how to make the Beaded Bracelet and Knotted
Cord Bracelet
, I am starting a new series on Handimania's web site. It is going to be about the most creative and beautiful, handmade bracelets. Don't you think those D.I.Y projects may be particularly interesting, at least for girls!

A Typical House Cat Kristiina inspired me with her crafts. She is truly talented creature with a great fashion taste. Moreover, she knows a lot about handmade bracelets. The one I loved the most from her collection is Fishtail Bracelet. Not only because it is relatively easy to make but mostly because of the unusual fishtail pattern. If you like modest and simple weaves, this one is certainly good for you. Do not forget to check out the link below to see the full tutorial of Fishtail Bracelet. As soon as you do it, take a picture and show it to the world of handimaniacs!

Fishtail Bracelet tutorial by Typical House Cat.

Fishtail Bracelet - Supplies

What you need:


  • A thread burner
  • Scissors
  • A small box lid
  • Some scrap rattail or yarn

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 30 inches of Rattail or faux-suede cord
  • 80 inches of .8mm Chinese knotting cord (add 10-15 inches of knotting cord per inch if larger wrist)
  • A stand-out button or hex nut

Fishtail Bracelet - Progress

Fishtail Bracelet

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