Felted Wool Boot Cuffs

Use an old sweater to make these warm and cozy cuffs!
We already showed you how to use an old sweater made of high-quality wool. It’s hard to throw away favorite clothes. If it’s not damaged, you can reuse it. I’ve got a few suggestions: Warm Sweater Mittens or Upcycled Sweater Slipper Boots or finally these Boot Cuffs. I would be interested in making all of them, how about you?

Ann Drake, who runs On Sutton Place website, shows in just a few steps how to turn sleeves of an old sweater into warm, elegant accessory. These cuffs are a great for cold, windy days. Of course, you can make them from colorful clothes for your kids, friends. It’s super-easy. You don’t need any special tools, any professional skills. So don’t waste old clothes, reuse them in this awesome way!

Do you know any other use for old clothes? Let me know in comments below!

Check out tutorial On Sutton Place.

What you need:


  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Old sweater


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