Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box

Reuse cardboard with imagination and creativity.
It worries me how often and easily people tend to get rid of cardboard boxes. Then they go to department stores and buy plastic ones to store different things. I understand the need to put everything in order at home, but why cluttering it with artificial materials!?

You would have probably said: because it lasts longer, and it is easier to clean, and you’d be right. Even though it is so, I personally prefer using as many recycled stuff as I can. The more natural something is the happier I am. Actually there are some pros of cardboard boxes being so fragile and easy to break, namely you can have newly designed storage box each and every month!

There are many creative ways of reusing cardboard, toys, cat’s cubbies, photo backgrounds and more, but this time I will show you how to make a storage box with just a piece of fabric and some glue (not only it’ll look awesome but also be stiffer and more resistant).

Unfortunately, the website I have found this Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box on is in Belarussian , so we’ve tried to translate this easy guide for you, and also show all the pictures provided by minchanka.by

Hope it will inspire you to reuse more cardboard and old fabrics that clutter your house. Use your imagination to ornament it, maybe you’ll find more spare items o recycle! Share it with us on our facebook, as always we’d appreciate it.

Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Brushes
  • Glue
  • Sewing pins
  • paper cutting knife
  • Needle and thread or a sewing machine

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Cardboard box of an average size
  • A piece fabric that you’d like to cover your box with

Using sharp paper cutting knife or scissors, cut the lid of the box carefully around, so there are just four “walls” and the bottom left (as shown on the picture).

Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box 01


Cut of two stripes of previously chosen fabric to sew the handles. Use sewing pins to fold it evenly and then sew them along, either with a needle or sewing machine. Prepare two slots for handles on your box sidewalls. Use a ruler to measure the distance from the edge to the middle and cut the slots not wider then the width of a handle stripe.

Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box 02


Arrange your fabric on the flat surface (table or floor) and place the box strictly in the middle. Draw out its perimeter with a pencil (it’ll help you to glue the fabric to the bottom evenly after inserting glue on the box). Now glue the bottom of the box with a brush or spray glue if you prefer, put the box on the right position on he fabric and gently turn it over smoothing the surface with your hands.

Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box 03


Glue the fabric to the sidewalls the same way as shown in step 3. Live triangle formed pieces on the sides (the same as while wrapping the gift box) after you raise the material to the top of the walls. Use pins to mark about 3 cm wide folds which will be glued over the edges of the box, and then cut the fabric leftover (they’ll make a great set of napkins).

Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box 04


Now it is time to cover the bottom edges of the box with the fabric. To do this, just turn the box gently, put the glue on and stick the fabric along the edges evenly and smoothly.

Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box 05


While waiting for the glue to bind, do the same with sidewalls and apply glue on the surface (you’ve just done it on the edges). Prepare the fabric to cover the whole sidewalls with, bend it before glueing as shown in the picture. It will prevent the edges from fraying.

Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box 06


Now you will bend the fabric over the upper edges (shown in the picture), remember that to make the fabric edges clean, you should fold it a little before glueing!

Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box 07


You are almost finishing, just prepare the handles to attach to your box. The picture shows that you should use scissors to cut through the fabric to the slots you’ve prepared earlier, but I recommend using sharp, cutting knife. A pencil will help you push the stripe through the slot to the inside of the box (do it carefully though!). Leave 2-3cm stripe inside and glue it to the sidewall, (repeat in each slot).

Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box 08


The final move. There must be some cardboard leftovers, make them rectangular and stick them to cover each handle end, (it will make the handles stronger). Now you can either live it like this or decorate it any way you like!

Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box 09

P.S. Hope my instructions will help you understand this project better. Should you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask in facebook comments, I’ll do my best to answer.

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