Eight Home Accessories You Can Make Yourself

Home, sweet home… We all know that there is no other place like home. Still, we keep on trying to make it even cosier and even more comfortable. It doesn’t have to entail extra costs. You can make new accessories yourself. You will save your money and you will also get an opportunity for some self-expression.

#1 Foot massage mat

We all love foot massage, don’t we? When you are on holidays by the sea, you can walk miles along the sea feeling the sand and tiny stones under your feet. If you want to experience this on everyday basis, why don’t you make yourself a massage mat. Take an old and worn-out doormat. Spread some glue on its surface and stick the stones. That’s it! Wait until the glue binds the stones and … have your first foot massage!

#2 Your own piece of art

If you are into art, you can create a colourful picture. Your friends will wonder how you came into possession of such a wonderful work of art.
How to make it:

Get some canvas, pick up a few tubes of acrylic paint and a wide brush.
Apply the paint as you only desire; you can make a few random moves or create a neat pattern. Wait until the paint is dry.
Now use a few pieces of tape and cover the picture.
Apply white paint on spots between the tape. Wait until the paint is dry and remove the tape.

#3 Cloud-shaped lamp

Have you ever dreamed about sleeping comfortably outside? It is really possible and you don’t have to get cold. Instead of sleeping in a tent to admire the clouds, let’s make a cloud that will be both cute and practical. How to make a cloud-shaped lamp? On a beaverboard draw a cloud. Then cut the shape out. Polish the edges with sand paper. Use spray paint to paint the cloud. Once it’s dry fix metal brackets and fix them onto the cloud. Finally fix the cloud under the lamp.

#4 Soap bowl

Take a glass, cover it with a plastic bag or fold it inside. Now arrange the stones and glue them together. Wait until the glue cures and take the bowl out.

#5 Panda mug

-Take a mug, find a photo that you really like (for example a photo of a cute panda bear) and print it
-Fix the photo to the inside of the mug an follow the lines. Don’t forget to use appropriate paint that is dedicated to glass.
-Put the paint into cold oven. Check carefully paint user instructions. Usually it takes about 20 minutes.
-Your mug is ready. Have something to drink enjoying your new mug!

#6 Peculiar candle holders

Candles give our tables some romantic touch. Wax, however, does not. That is why we always use candle holders. Why not make them yourself, using only balloons and cement?
-Blow a balloon and put it in a mug
Take some cement and apply it on the balloon. Make sure that the layer is neither too thick nor too thin.
Let the cement cure. Then pierce the balloon and break off a piece of cement to give it a shape you want.
Paint the inside the desired colour, let the paint dry and put a candle inside.

#7 A leaf-shaped bowl

Are you looking for some extra space to store your jewellery? These bowls are really easy to make. Take some modelling clay. Use a rolling pin to flatten it. Take a big leaf and put in on the clay. Next, using the pin, press the shape of the leaf onto the modelling clay. Cut it out with a knife, put a big foil sheet under the clay and form a desired shape. Leave it for the night and in the morning take the foil off.

#8 Flower vase

If you want to turn a bottle into something unique, fix some stick (use hot glue) and bind them together with some twin or a band. All you need to do now is to put some flowers inside.

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