Egg Yolk Trick

Cool way to separate egg yolks from egg whites
One day, when I was searching the web I stumbled on quite interesting trick on how to separate egg yolk form egg white. The whole thing seemed too simple to be true, so I decided to check it myself. I found out that there was no reason to be that suspicious ;) This idea was simply ingenious - there was no spilled egg white around the plate, no eggshells in the whites and the egg yolks were intact. I thought instantly that this little hack needs some sharing ;) And I’m sure it’s going to be particularly helpful during Christmas time, when the need to separate egg whites form egg yolks is pretty high ;)

To convince the unconvinced ;) I decided to run a special experiment - if you want to find out the results, check out the video below!

What you need:


  • small plastic bottle
  • two plates
  • bowl

Supplies / ingredients:

  • eggs (as many as you want)

Be sure that your bottle is small, has a moderately wide neck ;) (too wide neck results in falling out of egg yolks) and can be easily squeezed.



If you have the perfect bottle ;) you’re ready to gather all tools and supplies.



When you have everything you need, crack the eggs over the first plate.

Step 1


Now, take the bottle and squeeze it gently. Move it closer to one of the egg yolks. Try not to touch the egg yolk too hard with the head of the bottle.

Step 2


Gently release the grip on the bottle – it will immediately draw the egg yolk inside.

Step 3


Do as shown below with the rest of your egg yolks.

Egg Yolk Trick

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