Easy Wrap Bracelet

Make another, beautiful wrist ornament to enlarge your collection.
This would be the next awesome bracelet by one of my favorite accessories maker, Honestly WTF. I love their jewellery because of the elegance, subtlety and they are so easy to make at home too. This is a perfect craft for summer evenings to prepare for the next day in a slap-up town.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the Beaded Bracelet. This time it is Easy Wrap Bracelet which looks as if it was also made of beads, but surprisingly it was not. You will have to use a brass ball chain or crystal chain to gain this amazing effect.

The reason those cute bracelets are so popular is, you can wear them as many as you like, it is never enough to wrap your wrists around with fashionable bracelets this season. Prepare supplies given in the article and start your project now. In the morning, you'll be ready to show them to the rest of handimaniacs society.

Step by step guide for Easy Wrap Bracelet, included in the link.


What you need:


  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 44-55 inches* of 1.5mm leather cord
  • 12-15 inches* of brass ball chain or crystal chain
  • 58-72 inches* of waxed linen cord
  • a 1/4″ brass hex nut



Easy Wrap Bracelet

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