Easy Origami Box

Turn small square into useful, mini paper box

We know from our experience, that the easiest tutorials that show something unexpected, the stunning effect that comes out of the blue, are the most wanted ones. Knowing this, we couldn’t resist making another origami tutorial for you. After Sticky Notes Butterflies and Lucky stars, The Easy Origami Box goes to the category of the cute ones.

Not only they are cute, but also may be very useful. You can reuse copying paper to make them at the office or the square scraps of colouring sheets as a paper crafting with your kids. Some people even say, they make them on the plane to use as a little trash bins, Isn’t it clever!?

In our short but detailed video, you will see all the folding steps from the beginning to the stunning end where with just a one, clever fold, you make this tiny box and (when using smaller square), it’s cap.

Whenever you are up to give something small to your friend or beloved one, or just kill some time with origami, this idea would be perfect for you! Don’t hesitate to share the finished box on our instagram with #handimania to get all our community see that you #makemore and #buyless!

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