Duct Tape Rose

Make a bunch of Duct Tape Rose!
Do you remember when I presented Cotton Ear Bud Flowers? I am still not much into flowers, but my investigation for artificial projects continues. After Duct Tape Hammock set-up, I was left with some short tape leftovers. Moreover, my kids love playing with Duct Tape and I realized it is a very good material for them to make something creative but not too messy.

I got very enthusiastic when I found Duct Tape Rose on Instructables as I knew it would be an attractive plan for a quick fun craft! I directed my kids, and they prepared an impressive artificial flower arrangement for Grandmother’s Day. I wish you could see their grandmother’s smile when they handed in their present.

Would you like to surprise someone with these adorable flowers? I’d love to see your flower arrangements on our fan page

If you want to see a step-by-step tutorial of Duct Tape Rose click here


What you need:


  • Red marker
  • Green marker

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Red duct tape (about 3-4 ft. per rose)
  • Green duct tape (about 2-3 ft per rose)
  • Floral wire (or other stiff wire) (about 10 ft)




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