Duct Tape Hammock

Weave this hammock and relax in your backyard.
Is there any better place used for swinging, sleeping, or resting than a hammock? I’ve already imagined myself lying in a Pallet Hanging Bed which I presented in my previous leisure discoveries.

How about trying a handmade hammock this time? After all, it has been popular in Central and South America for centuries. Hammock is the symbol of relaxation. After a long hard day I can destress and have a nap in the shadow of the massive oak tree in my backyard. Dadzilla from Instructables inspired me to make an alternative use of duct tape and weave a Duct Tape Hammock. The procedure is quick, and the product itself looks reliable, I only hope it won’t get too sticky in summer.

Do you like the idea of weaving a hammock with the use of duct tape? Let us know how you create your outdoor getaway to pleasure. Share your photos on our fan page

See a step-by-step tutorial of Duct Tape Hammock here


What you need:


  • Table to make a rigid set-up
  • Broom handle

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 3 x roll Scotch duct tape
  • 2 x wooden dowel (48″ x 1″ diameter)




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