Drilled Natural Stone Jewelry

Make extraordinary ornaments out of drilled river stones.
For me personally, the more natural handmade jewelry is, the better it looks like. The perfect situation is when it's not only natural, but also recycled as,  for example, this Braided T-shirt & Magnet Bracelet that you had to upcycle old t-shirts for.

After I showed you a couple of bracelets, it is high time for Drilled Natural Stone Jewelry. I've found this awesome tutorial on Paper & Stich blog. Jenny Hoople from "Authentic Arts", specialises in such natural jewelry. You are more than welcome to her Etsy profile to buy it if you think this craft is too difficult for you. Jenny has written the full tutorial of this tricky stones drilling project, as Paper&Stich guest, and I truly admire the effect of their cooperation. In this easy step by step guide, she gives all details and provides even more tips on this heavy duty work.

Because this time of the year seems to be perfect for collecting beach pebbles or river rocks, you may want to use Jenny's advice on how to make this "hard" ornaments. I am also sure that the rest of handimaniacs will be glad to see your skills on your pic's, so don't hesitate to share it with us!

For the full tutorial of Drilled Natural Stone Jewelry, click the link.

Drilled Natural Stone Jewelry

What you need:


  • High speed rotary tool
  • Hollow, diamond-tipped coring bits
  • Dremel Collet Nut

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Small Plastic Container
  • Little Piece of Wood
  • Goggles
  • Rocks

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