DIY Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Don’t use dye, decorate your eggs with pieces of tape!
The ancient Egyptians believed the world began with an enormous egg. There is something magical in this belief, and Easter time proves the care and cult of eggs even in our culture. We cherish them in so many different ways: Fragile Beauty – Franc Grom or Marbleized Easter Eggs are just examples of how many different creative solutions are possible.The effects are outstanding. Of course, most popular is egg painting.

However, if you’re bored with the traditional way you can go for a solution which doesn’t require any dye. DIY Washi Tape Easter Eggs by Chelsea from Lovely Indeed is the simplest way to decorate Easter eggs. You just cut tape in different shapes and apply to room-temperature eggs. These eggs add much to modern Easter décor.

Remember to send the pictures of your egg decorations to our fan page. We are curious about your ideas.

A tutorial for DIY Washi Tape Easter Eggs is here.


What you need:


  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Some eggs
  • Washi tape



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