DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs

Use this method to prepare Easter centerpiece!
The Easter is coming. The preparations are in full swing. If you still haven’t decided how to decorate Easter eggs have a look at the suggestions, our team have posted. Silk-Dyed Eggs, Awesome Thread Wrapped Eggs are my two favourite.

And to update our list of egg decorating ideas I’d like to present DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs by Kelly from Studio DIY. Egg decorating couldn't get any simpler than this method. You just boil eggs coat them with nonpareils and you get an adorable, delicate centerpiece for your Easter table. The author of the idea warns not to eat these eggs as they are first put in glue, but we can always look for some edible sticky substance.

We’re waiting to see the photos of your Easter tables. Don’t be shy and send them to our fan page.

A tutorial of DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs is here


What you need:


  • Paintbrush
  • Spoon

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Pastel Nonpareils
  • Eggs, Hard-Boiled
  • Tacky Glue




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