DIY Cloud

Besides functional and handy DIY’s, there is another category of things you can make at home with simple tools or even without them. Useless but cool, funny and cute or simply pretty. It doesn’t mean they will stay that way forever! From time to time, I find something I’d like to make or have, even though I have no idea what I’d use it for. It is some kind of fascination with the shape, color or texture that makes the item one and only “must have”.

DIY Cloud invented and made by Serena from The Farm Chicks, make my day brighter and more cheerful than usually. Contrary to the clouds in the sky, I can stroke it, squeeze it and hug it with no rain coming out of it. Balloons, some paper, flour and polyester fiber are pretty cheap and easy to get.

Perfect project to make, not only with your kids but also I bet they would love it - it’s so cool to have 3D cloud above your bed! As usual I would think of some “alterations” like making it stormy, for example. Some grey, felted wool added here and there, and voilà!

Here, I’d like to thank The Farm Chicks for this great inspiration to complete something really big! I have no doubts there are many people this positively crazy out there. Have you thought about making the whole, cloudy sky under the ceiling yet? If so, let us know with a picture!





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