Disco Ball Helmet

Make awesome helmet that will take you back in 70's.
Although most our D.I.Y. projects are highly useful, sometimes I like to post about something useless but tremendously fun to make and be happy with as, for example, those Lighter Mini Motorcycles.

I used to love 70's style and music. I also think it was one of the most cheerful decades ever. Dancing and having fun were the most popular activities, people seemed to be happier. What if we could feel it again making oneself a pleasure with this crazy Disco Ball Helmet. Natalina designed it and shared the full tutorial on "Instructables" so that anyone can try. She did a great job, I must say, for the effect of her work is awesome!

I am wondering if there is anyone who will take up this project and then post it on our site. I bet there are many of you missing 70's, but would you dare to wear it? If I had more time for partying (which I don't have), I would surely complete this disco project. DO try this at home!

Check out the tutorial on Instructables.

EDIT: This disco ball helmet uses real glass, as it is intended as a costume piece. It should not be used as motorcycle helmet.

What you need:


  • Glass cutter
  • Metal saw

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Mirror tiles
  • Contact cement
  • Helmet

Disco Ball Helmet

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