Dip-Dyed Sneakers

Put some sunny colors on your pale trainers to make them really exraordinary
There are two things I regret: that summer ends so fast, and that I haven't managed to dye my white shoes this year again! I promise myself, with this Frankie Magazine tutorial of Dip-Dyed Sneakers, I will complete this task this weekend (even if it means I will walk through winter mountains of my city in them).

Anyway, if you like them too, there is nothing easier to make. White trainers, just like in these Studded Sneakers project, some fabric dye, toothbrush and a bit of Vaseline will be enough. Well, I would also add some creativity and imagination but these, real handimaniacs own tons.

Read this step by step guide for Dip-Dyed Sneakers, here.


What you need:


  • Toothbrush

Supplies / ingredients:

  • White shoes
  • Vasseline
  • Fabric dye




Dip-Dyed Sneakers

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