Dip Dyed Sneakers

Change the colour of your trainers. It’s easy with this technique!
I like simple solutions and simple clothes, I think they are the best to emphasize my figure. I also choose simple but comfortable footwear. I’ve just bought a new pair of white sneakers. I was so delighted by their beauty in the shop, I wasn’t thinking how quickly they can become gray until the first use.

Now, I am raring to change their colour for any other but not white! Here is what I found to help me. Jenni Radosevich, a contributor of eHow, posted an easy trick for Dip Dyed Sneakers. She chose neon colours to glow this summer season but I think I’ll try out some pastels to make them look delicate.

If you want more ornaments on your sneakers check Studded Sneakers.

How would you decorate white sneakers? Leave your comments below.

A tutorial on Dip Dyed Sneakers can be found here.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Sneakers
  • Tumble Dye
  • Painter’s tape


Bored with your white sneakers? Add some color!

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