6 Decorative Flowers You Can Make of Paper

For everyone who likes hand-made decorations, we have got 6 easy ways to make paper flowers. Most of these ideas is yet another idea to help you manage the free time with your kids.

To make our decorations you need colourful pieces of paper, scissors, glue and, if possible, hot glue.

How to make paper flowers
#1 Flower with dot
Cut circles out of a sheet in a given colour.

Put one circle aside and fold others in two

Put some glue in the middle of the circle that you put aside and stick the first petal.

Now open the first petal and glue another one onto it.

Do the same with the next ones.

Finally, in the middle of the flower glue (hot glue works best) a small circle in different colour.

#2 3-D flower
Fold a piece of paper in four.

Spread a circle. Spread the glue along the edges.

 Glue two edges together without folding the paper in between.

Do the same with the next edge until you see something like this.

Do the same with other circles and glue them together.

With 5 petals you will get a flower like this.

#3 Flower of magazine paper
Fold a page of magazine vertically in two. Then fold the longer edges outwards.

genialne youtube

Once you managed to do it, now cut it every few millimetres on the side the edges are folded.

Now glue an edge of the page to a skewer stick with adhesive tape.

Slowly roll the page onto the stick creating a flower. Secure the end with adhesive tape.

Wrap the stick with green paper and that’s it!

#4 Gerbera flower

Prepare 5 circles of different size

Fold each piece three times

Draw two arches on a piece and cut out a petal.

Unfold the petal and cut it like this

Gently fold up the edges.

Put all the pieces together to form a flower like this.

#5 Big flower
Take 8 -9 circles and fold them like shown in the photo.

Glue the edges together.

Glue another circle underneath the flower with some tiny fluffy pieces – that will be gorgeous!

#6 Origami flower
Cut square pieces in two.

Fold the triangles.

Bend the edges that stick out and hide them in the piece.

Bend the bottom corners of the triangle inside

Turn the piece around and bend the corners again. You will get a shape like this.

Now put all the petals together to form a flower.

You can see how to make these wonderful flowers in our video.

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