Cutting the Glass Bottle Trick

Use this simple trick to create amazing crafts out of your wine bottles
If you are into all glass bottle crafts, you have probably already read our post about Wine Bottle Tumblers. The way of cutting the glass in this tutorial is very professional though, and may seem a bit of a fuss for some of you because you need a special tool to complete it. Considering quantities of wine drunk all over the world every day, I thought there should be more than just one way to cut those bottles and upcycle them into some creative stuff to use at home.

I was right, and one of the coolest trick I could find on the net, was one presented by Jordan on her website called "Picklee". She shows lots of amazing projects there so go ahead and check them out! Jordan uses simple tools as matches, nail polish remover, and a cotton string as a main trick tool - all objects easily found in your household!

Different issue is, if there is anyone who creates something really odd and unusual with wine bottles!? Anything, but simple vases and tumblers?! Have you seen such and would like to share, or maybe you are this creative creature who makes cars or clothes out of glass;)? Anyway, having any questions or piece of advice, don't hesitate to turn to other handimaniacs in comments below.

Check the tutorial on Picklee.

What you need:


  • Matches or lighter
  • Cotton string or yarn

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Bottle
  • Acetone Nail Polish Remover
  • Pot of ice cold water


0 thoughts on “Cutting the Glass Bottle Trick

  1. Morgane B. says:

    Hi everyone, does it work with a nail polish remover WITHOUT acetone?
    Thanks for your answers!!

  2. Karina Haczek says:

    as the author of the tutorial says, it has to be acetone based nail polish remover :)

  3. Karina Haczek says:

    We think the bottle needs to be very hot when submerged into ice cold water but the flame should be gone. It’s also important to dip the neck first into the water and then straight down. It should brake first time.

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