Curtain Dip Dye

Decorate your home with these dyed curtains!
Do you know how to transform a house into home? The Aroeira Home blog reveals a secret. The beauty lies in authenticity and simplicity of decoration. We should look for things which make us feel still and calm. After all home is the place where we come to seek for comfort and peace after hard work. I absolutely agree that the better you decorate your surrounding the better you feel in it.

That’s why Curtian Dip Dye is one of the ideas which attract my attention to great extent. You can dye a piece of fabric whichever colour you choose but what gives a delicate and romantic mood is the way you dye it. To create different shades of the colour on your curtain you have to change the period of time in which each piece of material is embedded in dye. This technique also brings another idea to my mind. If you want to intermingle with the surrounding you can use the same dye to make a Swirl Dyed T-shirt :)

So don’t wait to get bored with your curtains use your favourite colour of dye and make your home cosier. As soon as you finish send the photos to our website.

Original tutorial of how to make Curtian Dip Dye is available here.


What you need:


  • Bowl

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Piece of fabric
  • Dye
  • Salt
  • Water

Cut the fabric any size you like.



Boil water and put the fabric into the dye, to preserve the color, add some salt. Soak the fabric in a bowl with the mixture. To give the gradient effect you need to change the period of time in which each piece of material is soaked in the dye. The darkest needs about 10 minutes.



Take the fabric out and let it dry in the sun.



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