Cupboard Pan Lid Organiser

Stick a few hooks and organise your lids chaos!
Let's face it; there is nothing more annoying for a ‘master cook’ like me than being left with bubbling pots while cooking dinner for my entire family and not being able to find a matching lid for the pot. I feel like crying whenever I open a huge drawer with a pile of lids, and I realise the one I need is at the very bottom. I like when things are organized and accessible just as in Canned Food Storage project we presented some time ago.

I’ve been looking for a witty solution to eliminate my stress while cooking and I found a smart way to organize cookware and have it within reach. One of the contributors to Instructables comes with easy instructions for potentially cheap way to build a Cupboard Lid Organiser. You just need a sturdy cabinet door and a few adhesive hooks.

The idea is brilliant so I hope you will get inspired and use the modification to make your life easier. I’m sure you will enjoy cooking even more. Feel free to share the photos of your cupboard door on our fan page.

Detailed instructions of how to build a Cupboard Pan Lid Organiser can be found here

What you need:


  • pencil

Supplies / ingredients:

  • sticky hooks


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