Crafting Ribbons Organizer

Tackle your ribbon chaos with this easy and smart idea!
Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons they can be used as decorative elements in a lot of different projects. Manuela has already shown you Paper Pyramid Gift Box or Tiny Bow in which she instructed you how to make use of ribbons when wrapping up your gifts.

I’ve been collecting ribbons for a long time. I use them to finish off my crochet or scrapbooking projects. I’ve got tons of different casts of green, blue and purple, and I keep on buying new ones. I store them in a drawer but the problem is I never have time to organize them, so whenever I want to pick up one spool of ribbon they get messed up and I pull out all of them.

However, I hope my trouble will be solved soon, as I discovered an ingenious idea how to make a Crafting Ribbons Organizer introduced on "Spunky Junky" blog of Halsey. She presents a plastic basket for the ribbons which is a great alternative to my messy storage.

Are you ready to clean up your mess? Untangle your ribbons and show us your neatness on our fan page.

A comprehensive tutorial of the Crafting Ribbons Organizer is here.


What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Slotted tupperware bin
  • 1/4 inch wooden rod



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