A Couple Converted an Old Double-Decker Into a House

We all want to have a place just for ourselves; a shelter to hide and rest after a hard day’s work. Of course some want to stand out in this respect and settle down inside… an old double-decker bus.

A house on the bus

Charlie MacVicar (26) with her partner, Luke Walker, decided to finally live together. However, due to financial issues building their own house turned out to be impossible. Although her father had some land in Essex (Great Britain), the couple did not want to live in an ordinary house.

They both are fans of Amazing Spaces, a TV show by George Clarke. Their project was inspired by some ideas they had seen there

They had been considering several options and finally they went for something really extraordinary

They were lucky to come across an old double-decker bus at a really attractive price. In fact the bus was in service for just a few months. With such a vehicle the couple could be really mobile which is a great asset for such keen travelers as them. Needless to say it didn’t take them long to make up their mind.

Of course they needed some help

Charlie openly admits that they have received a lot of support as they couldn’t handle all the things themselves.
She said that she and her boyfriend are not very creative. They worked mainly in the office and consequently some jobs were simply too difficult for them. That is why they had the power supply, plumping and water supply system done by family or hired professionals. Though they worked really hard, they would have never succeeded without the help of others.

It is hard not to admire the wonderful final effect

On the ‘ground floor’ there is a spacious kitchen and a small bathroom

There is a living room with wood-burning stove

plus a desk with a computer

On the ‘top floor’ there is a double bed,

a wardrobe,

and a bathtub


Indeed – taking a bath and admiring the view must be a real pleasure

The budget of the whole project looks as follows: the bust cost them 2,500 pounds (about $3,500) and the conversion approximately 15,000 pounds (about $21,000)

Of course the house has got electricity and running water. The only problem is to keep it warm – they rely on an electric heater and a wood-burning stove. Charlie says that so far they haven’t had major problems and luckily avoided anything serious.
‘We haven’t had many challenges. We were really lucky to get this bus bearing in mind its decent condition. So the conversion was really smooth. Perhaps getting the top floor ready was slightly harder as the floor upstairs is a bit bumpy, so we had to adapt the bed and level the bathtub and other pieces of furniture.

They also took care of the surrounding. There is a really nice leisure zone and the whole neighborhood is green and friendly

Would you like to live inside a bus?

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