Constellation Jar

Use this Constellation Jar to light up the darkness!
Anya sometimes wakes up just after she goes to sleep, she doesn’t like being left in a dark room that’s why we switch on a small lamp standing on a bedside table. We also put Paper Cube String Lights, but I prefer them in winter.

However, searching the Net I found a marvellous ‘star gazing’ idea which may be suitable for such ‘black’ situations. The Constellation Jar, by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, may be an ideal source of dimmed light during kids’ sleep. The delicate rays of light leave beautiful shiny points on the walls so even if the children wake up, they don’t feel the discomfort of being mantled by the inky darkness.

When your little ones get uneasy in dark rooms, try this solution and tell us how it worked.

Check out the tutorial on Design Mom

What you need:


  • Awl
  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Wide mouth jar
  • Disposable cake pan
  • Click light


6 thoughts on “Constellation Jar

  1. Suzette Cobin says:

    My husband showed me this and I feel in love with it and thought what a great Fathers Day Gift.

  2. Jenn says:

    I was thinking about using aluminum foil as well buy I have a feeling that it’s not thick enough to block the light out that it needs to make it work. I’m gonna go be macguyver and try this using aluminum foil. I’m sure there’s a few different types of material you can use to draw out the constellations on but I have a feeling that the aluminum pan will hold up the best and be the easiest to shape inside a glass jar (paper would need to somehow be glued to the sides of the jar so the light will shine though.

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