Concrete Planters

In our articles we often say that less is more. This time I would rather say “Heavier is more”. I love minimalistic designs as much as eclectic ones, especially when they are handmade. There are so many inspirations around that I would have a great problem to decor a house (if I had one), because the same as warm, full of wood attics and scandinavian interiors I like cool, and grey lofts. If I could live in this kind of loft, concrete would be the basic material that I’d use for many decorative purposes.

Generally all kind of plants hate me. They die either of thirst or of too much love... it doesn’t mean I have the same feelings. Contrary, I always wanted to have a rain forest at home. But, to be concrete let’s make it concrete... Concrete Planters to be more specific!

A Girl from the Little House Blog is showing us step by step how to create them, also gives some handy tips afterwards. It must be fun I guess and it is a great combination of delicate being like flowers or moss inside something that hard and you could say, not too friendly.

As soon as I am a millionaire with a big loft to stay during the weekend in town, I will do this great project of Concrete Planters - maybe this time I’ll manage to keep my flowers “concrete” alive ;)


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