Conceal Bookshelf

Find out how to make an invisible bookshelf without ruining a book!
Have you ever thought about concealing bookcase somehow in your tiny, little room but it was impossible? Well, I have. Our apartment is of average size but because of the attic our ceiling makes it difficult to put high shelves or bookcases under it. With this simple but useful Conceal Bookshelf designed by Miron Lior finally my problem disappears. The best thing about it is that awesome effect that your books just stick to the wall itself or in some magical way.

Instead of buying this smart product I will definitely try to do it myself and I'm sure that with this easy to follow instruction from CaitlynLAG, an Instructables user, it will take no more than an hour. I am not going to tell Mania about our bedroom redecoration. I'm wondering how she reacts seeing her books “glued” to our newly painted wall. I am also curious if any of you have already tried to install it at your place? If yes, can I ask you for some photos of your Concealed Bookshelves? You can easily post them below.

See the full tutorial on CaitlynLAG's Instructables profile.

What you need:


  • Drill

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Metal wall brace
  • Screws
  • Velcro
  • Book


0 thoughts on “Conceal Bookshelf

  1. Kamil F. Tomaszewski says:

    Imagine, that if you touch these books, they automaticaly fall down… Only one support is not sufficient, I suggest to use two at least… or with book ends usage as it is in the orginal idea/performance !

  2. Karina Haczek says:

    it’s a good idea to use two wall braces as the whole thing will be more sturdy. thanks for your tip @Kamil :)

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