Colander Pendant Lamp

Bored with ordinary lamps in your house? Start the changes with transforming a colander into cool lamp shade.
Pendant lamps can be made out of many things like metal cans, jars or salad bowls but the enamel colander inspired us greatly. Mostly because we love all granny style stuff in the kitchen but also because of how simple it is to make. You can buy different colors if you think white is too ordinary for your eclectic kitchen or paint it yourself for example in polka dots.

We also advice you to ask your grandmother if she has one or go for a walk to the nearest flea market to buy an original colander. From now on, after drilling a hole and inserting a lightbulb don't try to strain your pasta through it!

Although we have tried to find the source of this project it seems to be impossible. If there is anyone who knows it, please let us know so that we can put it into our article.


All you need to make this extraordinary lamp is a simple drill, special cable with a cap and a top suitable to hang the ceiling lamp, a light bulb ( energy saving), a plastic clump to hide the wires, a screwdriver, a hammer, screw hook to hang the whole lamp on it and a sharp knife to cut wires in order to attach them correctly to the construction of the lamp.



Now drill a hole in the middle of the bottom of your colander. The best way is to enlarge the hole that is probably already there.



Close the cup with the plastic cover so that it fits tightly.



Put it through the hole in your colander and insert the bulb.



Take the whole lamp carefully and hang it on the hook that has been previously screwed to the ceiling. Attach the wires from the lamp with those on the ceiling. Maybe you’ll need an electrician!



Finally you can have fun with your new lamp, take a photo and send it to us.


One thought on “Colander Pendant Lamp

  1. Karen Harrell says:

    Love using old items and turning them into new diy projects. These are some great ones. I have been looking for new lights for my kitchen I’m remodeling but cant find just what I want. Love this colander light. I’m definitely going to make these! Will post the pictures!

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