Coffee Table Upgrade

Turn your old coffee table into a comfy piece of furniture!
I love sitting on the couch, but it's making me crazy when I bend over my coffee table to get tea or use a laptop. It’s really hard to feel comfy after a long day of hard work when you have to wriggle all the time.

Instructables’ user Lofgren found a witty solution to this problem - he brings us an upgrade idea where the top can be pulled up into a higher table. Some basic carpentry skills will be needed to complete this task but if you’re not ready to prepare self-made wooden cantilever hinges you can always buy a lift-up table mechanism. The use of hinges gives you additional storage space under the top, so now you can easily get rid of all messy stuff laying over.

The instruction is quite detailed, but you’ll need some creativity to do your version. Every table is different, but your back will be as thankful as the ones of those who have already tried it.

Do you have any other ideas on how to make a living room more comfy? Drop us a line below!

Check the tutorial on Instructables.


Would you upgrade your coffee table this way?

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