Coffee Filter Garland

Make this effective decoration for your garden party!
Are you in a mood for a Hawaiian party? The weather outside tells me that I am. I’m planning a garden party with my friend next week. We’d like to decorate the table and the fence enclosing her backyard with some ornaments.

While looking for adornment suitable for this occasion I found Coffee Filter Garland on 31 Bits. The garland is practically the easiest project possible but with coffee filters and a string you can create an incredible effect. This garland can also make an ideal wedding reception decoration or you can try to dye it in many different colors to hang it on your guests necks to imitate Hawaiian garland. If you want to add some more romantic atmosphere to the party table surely Tin Can Lanterns will come in handy.

Are you ready to party in your gardens? Give us some hints for garden DIY decorations in comments below!

Click the link to see a neat tutorial of Coffee Filter Garland.


What you need:


  • Needle

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Food dye
  • Spray bottles
  • Coffee filters


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