Clothespin Planter

Lazy weekend is coming but you can’t miss doing something creative. Creative doesn’t have to mean complicated so relax and start with this little, cute project which I discovered on Family Chic and called it “Lazy”. Clothespin Planter or candle holder or whatever you use this can for - pencils, makeup brushes or other, strange stuff you like to collect ;) Wooden clothespins are not difficult to get, you can even steal some from your pretty neighbor if you that desperate handimaniac ;)

Tuna can or any other can of similar size like the one Camilla used are round the corner in your kitchen probably. I estimated it all would take about 10 minutes to complete (or longer if you’re gonna watch your plant growing). As you can see it doesn’t cost a lot to be an artist in your own house so do it for fun. Sorry for being not so serious here but it was really hard week in Handimania headquarters and I am chillin already.


P.S. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tell you to paint those pins. Do it black this time so that I wouldn’t be accused of doing everything childish colorful ;)
P.S. 2 Don’t forget to share your lazy Clothespin Planter with us!

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