How to Clean Oven Glass

Clean a greasy oven glass using this easy method!
You probably remember the way I Reconditioned Cast Iron Cookware I found in our basement. I used oven cleaner which worked pretty well with rust, but to my surprise it didn’t handle the grease in my oven. The glass door of my oven tends to get splattered when I roast or bake and only yesterday I found out how difficult it is to eliminate this stubborn film. I’ve tried several methods but the glass door is still brown and tacky.

In my despair, I found a method which seems reasonable. DIY Home Sweet Home recommends an easy recipe for Cleaning Oven Glass. There are two ingredients: water and a little of baking soda. You spread your mixture all over, wait for a couple of minutes and see the transparency of the glass again. Doesn’t it sound miraculously?

I’ll try it out today. If you know other ways of getting rid of stubborn grease let us know.

Check out the tutorial on DIY Home Sweet Home.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Water
  • Baking Soda


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