Christmas Tree Napkin Fold – All Steps

Simple yet decorative way of folding table cloth for Christmas

I love simple things and decorations. If there are too many details in a design, it makes me feel distracted and irritated, since less is always more for me. But this approach can be a real problem when it comes to Christmas decorations. Some members of my family like more elaborate garnish, and that’s why I was in a need of something that will satisfy all of us at the same time. I really hope that I succeded by finding this simple idea for folding a dinner napkin.

Other Handimaniacs liked it so much, that we decided to make our own version of the tutorial. You’ll be surprised how quick and simple it is and how useful it can be when you're in a hurry but need a stunning decoration for your Christmas table.

I like my folded Christmas Tree plain, without any additional decoration, but if it’s too much for you ;) you can always add something to it. One of the best additions is Tiny Bow, that you can stick to a peak of the tree. What else would you use to decorate it?

We’ll be happy to hear something from you on below the post!

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Fabric napkin 45/45 cm
  • Tiny bow (optional)
  • Pin (optional)



To prepare this super simple fold, you need a perfectly square fabric napkin. First, fold it twice to get a smaller square.

Step 01 - A

Step 01 - B


Then, fold up each layer to the top and be sure to leave one inch between each fold.

Step 02 - A

Step 02 - B


Flip the whole thing over, holding the folds.

Step 03

Step 03 - B


It’s time to fold both sides together. Remember to align the top of each panel to form a triangular space at the top of the napkin.

Step 04 - A

Step 04 - B


Flip back the napkin (remember to hold it tight so it doesn’t unfold). Fold the upper layer to the top to form a peak of your Christmas tree. Hide lower layers’ tips underneath the upper folds.

Step 05 - A

Step 05 - B

Step 05 - C

Step 05 - D

Step 05 - E


To add a finishing touch to your Christmas Tree Napkin Fold, you can decorate it with Tiny Bow, we featured few days ago. Simply pin it to the peak of the tree.

Step 06 - A

Step 06 - B


In the Christmas spirit already? ;)

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold




4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Napkin Fold – All Steps

  1. Darlene Hancock says:

    I love little touches like this. For me it tells my guests that they are special enough to go to the extra effort. Thanks so much for sharing. Your instructions were perfect.

  2. S. Rochelle says:

    Thanks for sharing- this is rt. Up my alley. Rates with the choc.. Covered mar. Cherries Mice on a cracker, from Can. Living Xmas Special Book. Loved it too, made many, with grands too
    for their classmates. SR.

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