Chevron Pattern Taped Canvas

Create an unusual pattern with painters tape on canvas.
Painting on canvas doesn't mean you have to be an artist, but you need to at least be a person, who likes to create something from time to time. We have already showed you two different techniques that you can use as an inspiration to make your exceptional piece of art.

The first one was Silhouette Botanical Canvas, which used plants to make unusual pictures and the second was Adhesive Tape Canvas Art with tape as a tool for an interesting pattern. This time I will also show you the taping technique, perfect for kids craft.

Chevron Pattern Taped Canvas I've found on, is not only easy to complete, but also learns some patience and accuracy. Off course I recommend it as just an inspiration. Stay creative and think of your own pattern using this taping technique. Anyway, even if you decide to do it almost the same, it might end up as a masterpiece in your house. Will you show it to the rest of crafty handimaniacs?

To see step by step tutorial of Chevron Pattern Taped Canvas, click the link.

Chevron Pattern Taped Canvas Cllage

What you need:


  • Painting brush
  • Painters tape

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Canvas of the size you like
  • Paints
  • White paint
  • Paper towels

Chevron Pattern Taped Canvas

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