Cat Bed From A Computer Monitor

Don’t you know what to do with an old computer monitor? Build a cat bed!
When I think of two most important pieces of furniture I choose a bed and a table. My mother once told me that they unite us. But cats as fully-fledged members of the family seem not to care or distinguish between these two. We love them anyway. Do you remember Shared Table for People and Cats, this may be a perfect proof of how we people make our cats rule our family life. We allow them to do almost everything.

But would you let your cat lie on your computer? The cat could be very satisfied, the computer not so much. A Cat Bed From A Computer Monitor presented on Instructables seems to be solving this problem. If you don’t want your cat to infest your computer with furry curls, use old monitor to make a comfy bed for your feline friend. You can place it next to your desk and maybe the cat will lose the interests in the computer.

Do you know any other original uses of old computer monitors? Let us know as we are eager to see them on our website.

Check out the tutorial on Instructables.

EDIT: Our user Eddie advises strongly not to discharge monitor yourself or at least do some research on how to discharge it properly. CRT monitors can hold 20,000-40,000 volts of electricity even if they have been off for some time.

What you need:


  • Needle

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Old computer monitor
  • Old newspapers
  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Paint


0 thoughts on “Cat Bed From A Computer Monitor

  1. Eddie says:

    This potentially is a very dangerous DIY project. CRT monitors can hold 20,000-40,000 volts of electricity even if they have been off for quite some time. This charge can easily kill you. If you attempt this, please do some research on how to properly discharge a monitor, although this is typically done by professionals, if you mess up you might die. Cute idea, but personally I would pass before disassembling a monitor myself.

  2. Karina Haczek says:

    thank you for this important information – we will add it to the post :) greets

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