Cast in Concrete Leafs

Make a beautiful stepping stones out of concrete.
Not such a long time ago, I was writing about Cake Pan Garden Stepping Stones. I really loved the idea of using concrete to make these unique garden embellishments, and wasn’t surprised you liked it too. Since it is the perfect time now to arrange your around the house areas, there are more and more ideas on the web to use. If you are interested in doing something concrete, you should stop and read this article about Cast in Concrete Leafs and other stone ornaments.

They are made to resemble real, rhubarb leaves which are big and of a nice shape. Their detailed veins are perfect to be cast in concrete. The source is in Vietnamese, but the photos are enough to show you the whole project. It might look complicated and hard for those who has never worked with concrete before, but I am sure a real handimaniac will manage.

The thing I like the most about Cast in Concrete Leafs is that they are so rough and quite natural without unnecessary trumpery. They can be put anywhere around the house, as a path leading to the door or hidden in the grass to be revealed after you mown. Any way you like, it is one, concrete piece of craft. Are you going to take it up?

Click the link to see full the full guide of Cast in Concrete Leafs.
Cast in Concrete Leafs 01
Cast in Concrete Leafs 02
Cast in Concrete Leafs 03
Cast in Concrete Leafs 04
Cast in Concrete Leafs 05
Cast in Concrete Leafs 06
Cast in Concrete Leafs 07
Cast in Concrete Leafs

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